Long time resident of Westford Massachusetts that is very experienced with IT computing and Graphid Design, using all my skills to do what I do.

I am a graphic designer and IT techie, by trade. Working with computers since the very beginnings on a computer, as a child. Continuing until the present era of no limitations, I work with computers in every way you can imagine. I am very deep into communications and creativity. As I am told by others around me, “You can fix anything”, has become a staple of my personality. When I absolutely love helping people, this is a great trait to execute in life. Above and beyond this strength, I enjoy making artwork and publishing. Results of my work can be found on many types of media. I continuously have many projects in process. Which almost all of them are inspired by and done for my kids. For many years I have been slowly working on making things happen, that were a dream decades ago. Now that I am an established IT pro coupled with a graphic artist skillset, I am utilizing all my abilities to carry out my dreams. My kids are also a major motivation and will be involved.

If you dream it, you can do it!